Our Mission

Utah’s mountain lions, bears, coyotes, and bobcats are slaughtered by the thousands for sport every year. The Mission of Voices of Wildlife is to protect these wild animals from inhumane, outdated practices through public driven policy reform.


We envision a world where all animals are recognized as valuable members of a healthy ecosystem and attain their right to survival, protection and freedom from persecution. 


Integrity: We remain true to our mission, work hard to provide exceptional service to our supporting members and maximize the support of our donors.

Positive Change: We will strive to protect animals at the State and Federal level by using the latest peer reviewed science, case studies and public support. We will work to educate and inform the public about the vital role predators play in a healthy ecosystem and dispel common myths about these animals.

Leadership: We are committed to effective board leadership and action. Empowering board members with the knowledge of good governance practices and encouraging initiative. We strive to be a model nonprofit organization.


• Protect the lives of wild animals from wrongful persecution and exploitation of consumptive individuals.  We strive to ban trophy hunting, bounty hunting, wildlife killing contests and trapping in Utah and the United States.

• Educate the public about wildlife and teach a genuine appreciation for their vital role in a healthy ecosystem, as well as how to peacefully coexist using non-lethal methods of predator management.

• Use science-based data to inform, educate and change the policy of institutions responsible for the management of these animals for the sake of all citizens, not just a select few.