Our Team

Brian Perkes

Executive Director

Brian Perkes is the Executive Director for Voices of Wildlife. He recently served on the Utah Cougar Advisory Board, representing the non-consumptive viewpoint. From this experience, Brian developed a unique understanding of common state wildlife management policies and the various key elements involved in making those decisions. Often, he noticed that predators were being ‘managed’ mainly for the benefit of certain special interest groups; using archaic and distorted views towards predators, rather than relying on scientific evidence to make reasonable and appropriately qualified decisions. In discussing these matters with Brian’s wife Sheri and their friend Scott Bye; they decided to form Voices of Wildlife, with the goal of protecting the lives of wild animals from persecution.

Brian is passionate about protecting wildlife, nature and the beautiful world we live in, and strongly believes in contributing towards the greater good of all things.

Sheri Morgan-Perkes


Sheri Morgan-Perkes is an Associate Director; focusing on development and outreach. Together with Brian and Scott, she co-founded Voices of Wildlife out of a deep love for animals and commitment towards their protection.

Sheri also works full-time in real estate, managing a brokerage as well as a personal investment group. She brings her years of experience in business over to the nonprofit world; with the hope of making a difference in the lives of the animals she is so passionate about. She feels a special connection with them and considers it an honor to spend her life advocating for their right to live free from harm.

When she is not working or fighting for animal rights, Sheri spends as much of her time enjoying the outdoors as possible. She loves traveling the world, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, yoga, mountain biking, and climbing.

Paul Zuckerman

Volunteer & membership director

Paul brings experience as an activist for animal rights and the environment on both the local and national level. He works in support of laws at the Utah Legislature and U.S. Congress and collects scientific data in the field. His past career as an educator helps VOW with educational outreach. Paul believes that every individual animal life is precious. He is dedicated to protecting every wildlife and ensuring they each have their natural place to thrive.

Sonie Zuckerman

Director of Education & outreach

Sonie grew up in a home filled with animals both exotic and domestic including golden eagles, snakes, waterfowl, raccoons and skunks. She spent many a summer working at a guest ranch outside Grand Teton National Park where her appreciation for animals grew stronger. As a retired teacher, she believes that education is the path to increasing public advocacy for improving the lives of wildlife in the mountain west.

Nick Karls

Director of Fundraising

Nick Karls volunteers his time as a board member managing grant writing, funding, and memberships for Voices of Wildlife. Nick has a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from the University of Utah with an emphasis in Land Conservation and Management. He is passionate about animal welfare and protecting all species. Nick is a supporter of accredited zoos visiting over 50 zoos in the United States and around the world while also volunteering locally. Originally from Wisconsin, he has time spent in Kentucky, Indiana, and Utah. He now calls South Carolina home and continues his commitment to Voices of Wildlife and help those without a voice of their own.

Denise Peterson

Director of Communications and GIS Specialist

Denise Peterson has a background in Natural Resources Management, Wildlife Biology, and is a certified GIS Analyst. She also has her Wildlife Chemical Immobilization certification and has worked in the Peruvian Amazon tracking radio-collared ocelots for a study on predator-prey interactions. As a wildlife photographer and cinematographer, she spends countless hours in the mountains and deserts of Utah following in the footsteps of one of her favorite wild cats:  the mountain lion and observing their behavior through the use of remotely operated trails cameras.  

Denise strongly believes that coexistence with predators and all wildlife is possible through education, conflict prevention methods, and an increased awareness of the realities of living with our wild neighbors.  

For our wildlife!